Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Thriller Pitch

Thriller Conventions + Subgenres


The soundtrack I will use comes from the Royalty Free music site FMA. There are over 6000 pieces of music of tracks on this site. I modified the track in Final Cut Pro, altering the pitch and slowing it down.


This video was made at the beginning of the year and I wanted to experiment with it. I filmed a simple conversation and focused on continuity, match-on-action shots, a conversation and  basic framing.

I wanted to practice using the 'rule of thirds' whilst filming- something that I will potentially use in my thriller opening.

Match-On-Action Shots
 Match on action is a very simple but essential tenchique, where the perspective of the camera changes during a scene and the scene continues to flow. It is integral to the overall continuity of a film. Which is why I practiced in my preliminary. 

Conversation using 180 Rule

What I learnt? 
I learned that continuity is integral to the overall quality of a finished product. It's what makes something look amateur if executed poorly. That is why this preliminary task was very important. Also, match on action shots help the audience stay engaged with a piece, as it helps the final product flow more. It ensures a certain level of fluidity, which is why practice is so important.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Thriller Pitch

Generic Credits Timeline

by kareemtamam

Blogger Troubles

I have had trouble with my Blogger. After I had nearly completed all of my posts, they somehow got deleted. Over 30 posts deleted and I tried recovering them, but Google was unable to do so. I have since tried to redo all the posts, whilst recovering from an appendectomy.